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Connecting a Postgres-RDS Destination

Please note that our Postgres destination is currently in open beta. The information in this article is subject to change.

Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS) is a managed database service that runs on familiar database engines like PostgreSQL.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to spin up a Postgres-RDS instance and then connect it to Stitch as a destination, or data warehouse.

Connecting a Postgres-RDS destination is a five-step process:

  1. Define the initial settings
  2. Configure & launch the database
  3. Configure the firewall settings
  4. Create a Stitch User for the database
  5. Enter the connection info into Stitch


The only requirement for using a Postgres-RDS instance as your Stitch destination is signing up for an AWS account.

To sign up for an AWS account, click here or enter this URL in your browser:

Follow the instructions on the website to complete setting up your account.

Next Steps

After you've signed up for an AWS account, you'll define the initial settings for the database using the AWS console.

Next: Defining the Postgres-RDS Database's Initial Settings

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