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Stitch Maintenance: Required Whitelisting & Webhook Updates

Over the last few months we have been working behind the scenes to improve and strengthen the infrastructure of Stitch. As part of this effort, there are a few steps you'll need to take to ensure Stitch can continue to access your data.

The changes outlined here must be made by November 22, 2016. We will be unable to continue replicating data otherwise which, in some cases, may result in data loss. 

Update Your Import API Endpoint URLs

If you have an Import API integration, you’ll need to update the endpoint URL to continue pushing data to Stitch.


You’ll need to change these URLs wherever they're referenced in your code.

Update Your Destination’s Firewall Settings

Our IP addresses must be whitelisted in your data warehouse’s firewall settings to  ensure that Stitch can continue to load replicated data.

If using Redshift, follow these instructions to whitelist our IP addresses in the AWS console.

Update Your Database Integrations’ Firewall Settings

If you have database integrations (ex: Postgres), you’ll need to whitelist our IP addresses in your server’s firewall to ensure Stitch can continue to replicate data.

Go to this section and find the relevant doc for the integration you’re using. The instructions regarding whitelisting our IP addresses can be found in the Whitelisting the Stitch IP Addresses sections of these docs.

Update Your SaaS Integrations’ Whitelist Settings

A handful of SaaS integrations have IP restriction features which, when enabled, require IP addresses to be whitelisted for access to be granted.

If you have any of the following integrations AND you’re using IP restriction, you’ll need to whitelist our IP addresses for Stitch to continue replicating data from these sources:

Update Your Webhook Integration URLs

If you're using one of our webhook integrations, you'll need to update the webhook URLs you're using. This applies to SendGrid integrations ONLY.

If you have a SendGrid integration, follow the steps in the Webhook URLs & Security box in this doc to revoke your current webhook URL and generate a new one.

You will then need to update this in your SendGrid account for Stitch to continue replicating your data. Instructions for doing this are also in the doc linked above.

Getting Support

Please get in touch with us if you have questions or concerns.

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