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Expected Google AdWords (NEW) Data

We’re currently doing some private testing on our new Google AdWords integration. Want to be a part of it? Get in touch with us.

Now that Google AdWords is successfully connected to your Stitch account, what comes next? In this article, we'll cover:

Replicating Google AdWords Data

Historical Sync

By default, a historical sync of Google AdWords data goes back 30 days from the Stitch connection date.


Stitch will replicate Google AdWords data based on the frequency you define. The default setting is every 30 minutes, but you can the interval to better suit your needs.

Replication Method

Google AdWords data is replicated using Incremental Replication. This means that every time Google AdWords data is queued for replication, only new and updated rows will be replicated to your data warehouse.

Google AdWords Tables in Your Data Warehouse

The tables in our AdWords integration fall into two categories: the default tables which are set to sync by default, and the Report tables which you select.

Default Tables

A few Google AdWords tables are set to sync by default and can’t be deselected:

  • accounts
  • ad_groups
  • ads
  • campaigns

Click a table name to view a full list of that table’s attributes in Google’s API Documentation.

Primary Key: customerid

The accounts table contains high-level information about the Google AdWords account you’ve connected to Stitch.

Attributes include the Google AdWords account ID (customerid), account name, company name, currency code, timezone, test account setting, and client management setting.

Primary Key: id

The ad_groups table contains detailed information about your ad groups.

Attributes include the ad group ID (id), ad group name, campaign ID, campaign name, status, settings, labels, forward compatibility map, bidding strategy configuration, criterion type group, base campaign ID, base ad group ID, tracking URL template, and URL custom parameters.

Primary Key: id (ad id):adGroupId

The ads table contains comprehensive information about ads in ad groups in your Google AdWords account, including the ad ID (id), ad group ID, name, description, base campaign ID, base ad group ID, status, final URLs, ad type, template element info, headline parts, image info, and so on.

Our Google AdWords integration pulls data from a variety of endpoints to create this table:

Primary Key: id

The campaigns table contains detailed info about your Google AdWords campaigns such as the status, start and end dates, budget, and so on.

Report Tables

For every report you set to sync, a table with the same name will be created in your data warehouse. These tables will contain the individual columns you selected as well as date and customerid columns.

  • the date column contains the day that the data is for. Data is accounted for on a daily basis, meaning a single date will correspond to a single row in the table.
  • the customerid column contains the ID of the AdWords account that the row belongs to. This column can be used to segment data in a table by account.

In the next section, you'll find a list of the reports available for syncing.

Primary Keys for Report Tables

Looking for Table Attributes?
Want a complete list of the possible attributes for each AdWords table? Click the table names in the table below to view Google’s API docs, which includes a full list of possible attributes and an explanation of the attribute.

Primary Keys for Report tables are composite keys made up of the individual columns you set to sync AND a few columns automatically selected by Stitch. This will ensure that each row is uniquely identifiable.

For example: if you set the ad_performance_report table to sync and selected these columns:

  • AverageCost
  • AverageCpc
  • CampaignName

the Primary Key for this table would be:  AdGroupId: Id: AverageCost: AverageCpc: CampaignName

In the table below, you’ll find the columns automatically selected by Stitch to be part of the composite Primary Key for the Report tables.

Table Name Primary Key
account_performance_report AccountDescriptiveName
adgroup_performance_report AdGroupId
ad_customizers_feed_item_report FeedItemId
ad_performance_report AdGroupId:Id
age_range_performance_report Id
audience_performance_report Id
automatic_placements_performance_report Domain
bid_goal_performance_report Id
budget_performance_report BudgetId
campaign_ad_schedule_target_report Id
campaign_location_target_report Id
campaign_performance_report CampaignId
click_performance_report GclId
creative_conversion_report ConversionTrackerId
criteria_performance_report AdgroupId:Id
destination_url_report EffectiveDestinationUrl
display_keyword_performance_report AdGroupId:Id
display_topics_performance_report Id
final_url_report EffectiveFinalUrl
gender_performance_report Id
geo_performance_report Id
keywordless_category_report Category0:Category1:Category2
keywordless_query_report CriterionId
keywords_performance_report AdGroupId:Id
paid_organic_query_report AdGroupId:CampaignId:KeywordId
parental_status_performance_report Id
placeholder_feed_item_report AdGroupId:AdId:FeedId:FeedItemId
placeholder_report AdGroupId:ExtensionPlaceholderCreativeId
placement_performance_report Id
product_partition_report Id
search_query_performance_report Query
shopping_performance_report OfferId
top_content_performance_report AdGroupId:Id
url_performance_report Url:CriteriaParameters
user_ad_distance_report CampaignId:DistanceBucket
video_performance_report AdGroupId:CampaignId:CreativeId:VideoChannelId:VideoId



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