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Troubleshooting Panoply Issues

If you’re having trouble with setting up or connecting to your Panoply data warehouse in Stitch, try doing the following before reaching out to support.

Invalid Panoply Credentials

If you’ve recently reset your password in Panoply, you’ll also need to update it in Stitch. Try entering your new password in the Destination Settings to see if this resolves any invalid credentials / connection failure errors.

  1. Click the User Menu (your icon) > Destination Settings.
  2. Click the Set a New Password link under the Password field.
  3. Enter your new Panoply password.
  4. Click the Update Settings button.

Still Experiencing Issues?

If you’re still running into problems with Panoply in Stitch, reach out to support.

If you’re experiencing issues inside of Panoply, please reach out to Panoply support.


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