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Panoply Destination Overview

No data warehouse? No problem. With Panoply, you can get a free Amazon Redshift data warehouse and start syncing your data in seconds.

What’s Panoply?

Panoply is a fully managed data warehouse service that will spin up a Redshift instance in just a few clicks. With Panoply, you can use your favorite analysis, SQL, and visualization tools just like you would if you were creating a Redshift data warehouse on your own.

However: because Panoply is a full managed data warehousing solution, you won't have full administrative control over your Redshift instance. For example: new database users can't be created using SQL; they must be invited to Panoply via the app.

If you're looking for a cost-effective, no-effort way to test out Stitch or get started consolidating your data, Panoply is your best bet. 

Stitch is in no way involved with the management of Panoply data warehouses. If you have billing questions or need help regarding your Panoply data warehouse, please reach out to Panoply.

Free Panoply Accounts

In just a few minutes, you can create a Panoply account and spin up a Redshift data warehouse. Every free Panoply account includes:

  • Up to 10 million stored rows per month. This is based on the daily average of the number of rows stored, not loaded, per month. For more info on how Panoply calculates and charges for usage, please contact their support team.
  • Unlimited queries
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Automatic maintenance, vacuuming, and backups

To learn more about what’s under Panoply’s hood, check out their website.

If you already have a Panoply account with an existing data warehouse, here’s how you can connect it to Stitch.

Data Loading & Structuring in Panoply

To get a better idea of how Stitch will load and structure your data in Panoply, refer to the Panoply Data Management docs.

Note that it’s exactly the same as Redshift because it is Redshift - it just has a different name.

Managing Panoply

After the account is created, you can manage your Panoply settings by signing into Panoply’s website.

Note that currently Panoply requires new users to schedule and go through a demo before they can sign into the Panoply platform. You can reach out to Panoply by visiting


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