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Redshift: Troubleshooting "Permission Denied" Errors

The info in this doc is only applicable to Redshift data warehouses.

"Permission denied for schema [name]."

If you've received this error, the root cause is probably permissions-based. Whether there are insufficient permissions or permissions were revoked as a whole, it's likely the Redshift user that Stitch is using to load data is being restricted in a way that prevents successful data replication.

To successfully pipe your data to your Redshift data warehouse, the Stitch user must:

  • Be able to CREATE schemas, tables, and views
  • Be able to SELECT from systems tables
  • Be the owner of all integration schemas and tables. We occasionally need to run COMMENT and ALTER TABLE commands to properly insert your data.

Restricting the Stitch user to a single schema or revoking public access to tables in the information schema will prevent Stitch from functioning properly.

For reference, you can find the full list of Redshift permissions here.

If you encounter this error, we recommend first verifying that the Redshift user has the permissions listed above. If the user does have these permissions and the error persists, reach out to support.

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