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Creating a NEW Panoply Data Warehouse

With just a few clicks, Stitch can spin up a new Amazon Redshift data warehouse for you using Panoply.


  • The email address you used to sign into Stitch will be used to create your Panoply data warehouse.
  • Stitch is in no way involved with the management of Panoply data warehouses. If you have billing questions or need help regarding your Panoply data warehouse, please reach out to Panoply.
  1. On the Destination Selection page, click the icon.
  2. A page explaining what’s in a Panpoly free account will display. Click the Create a Free Account button.
  3. Click the Create My Account button when pop-up explaining the use of your email address displays.
  4. It may take a minute, but after your Panoply data warehouse is successfully created, the Panoply connection info will display:

  5. Make sure to copy your password. Stitch won’t display it again after this.
  6. After you’ve copied your password, click the View Your Dashboard button to wrap things up.

The Panoply data warehouse connection settings will automatically populate in the Destination Settings page. If you need to update the settings at any point, click the User Menu (your icon) > Destination Settings.

After the account is created, you can manage your Panoply settings by signing into Panoply’s website. Note that currently Panoply requires new users to schedule and go through a demo before they can sign into the Panoply platform. You can reach out to Panoply by visiting


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