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Import API Return Codes

The Import API uses standard HTTP return codes to indicate the status of a request. Your app should handle each of the following return statuses gracefully:

   2xx return codes

200 OK - Request was successful.
201 Created - New data was added as a result of the request.
202 Accepted - The request was accepted and will be processed later; new data will be added once the request is processed.

   4xx return codes

400 Bad Request - The request includes malformed JSON/Transit, did not provide an array of records or contains more than 20,000 records.
401 Unauthorized - The request did not have a valid API access token.
403 Forbidden - The request had a valid API access token, but is not permitted.
405 Method Not Allowed - The request has an http method that is not supported by the endpoint.
413 Request Entity Too Large - The size of the request body was over 4MB.
415 Unsupported Media Type - The content header of the request did not specify JSON or Transit.
422 Unprocessable Entity - Your request was missing a required parameter.

   5xx return codes

504 Gateway Timeout - The Import API could not process the request in time. Try again later.
503 Service Unavailable - The Import API is experiencing problems. Try again later.

Generally speaking, codes in the 2xx range indicate a successful transaction, codes in the 4xx range indicate a bad request, and codes in the 5xx range indicate an error on our end. If you need some help with troubleshooting these codes, refer to this article.

If errors in the 5xx range persist, please reach out to our support team.


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