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Missing Segment Data & Selective Integration Snippets

If you've noticed some missing data from your Segment integration, the culprit might be the selective integration snippet on your website.

All data collected by Segment is sent to Stitch by default, but if individual snippets on your site specify which integrations data should be sent to, then these settings will be overridden. This will result in only some of your data being sent through Stitch to your data warehouse.

If you use selective integration snippetsyou'll need to add Stitch to the list of integrations before data will flow to your data warehouse.

Here's an example of a snippet that sends data to Stitch, Mixpanel, and KISSMetrics only:

}, {
  integrations: {
    'All': false,
    'Stitch': true,        // 'true' indicates if the integration receives data
    'Mixpanel': true,
    'KISSmetrics': true

When you add Stitch to your snippet, make sure you enter Stitch exactly as it appears in the example above. 


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