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Expected NetSuite Data

Now that NetSuite is successfully connected to your Stitch account, what comes next? In this article, we’ll cover:

Replicating NetSuite Data

Historical Sync

By default, a historical sync of NetSuite data goes back one year from the Stitch connection date.


Stitch will replicate NetSuite data based on the frequency you define. The default setting is every half hour, but you can change it to more or less frequent based on your needs.

Replication Method

When Stitch replicates NetSuite data, the majority of tables are replicated using Full Table Replication. This means that every time NetSuite data is queued for replication, all rows in a table - including existing, new, and updated - will be replicated.

However, there are a number of tables that also support Incremental Replication. Refer to the Table List below for more info.

Primary Keys for NetSuite Tables

The Primary Key for a NetSuite table depends on the table type: abstract or non-abstract.

Abstract Tables

Abstract tables are created from objects that can contain other objects. For example, a transaction may contain many transaction-like objects. The Primary Key for abstract tables is a composite key made up of the _type and internalid columns.

Abstract tables include:

  • netsuite_deleted
  • netsuite_item_revision
  • netsuite_originating_lead
  • netsuite_transaction

Transaction Types

Because NetSuite includes so much under ‘transactions,’ it may be a little difficult to know what to expect in the netsuite_transaction table. To give you a better idea, here’s a full list of what our integration will pull into this table:

AssemblyBuild CustomerPayment ItemFulfillment VendorBill
AssemblyUnBuild CustomerRefund ItemReceipt VendorCredit
BinTransfer Deposit Journal VendorPayment
BinWorksheet DepositApplication Opportunity VendorReturnAuthorization
CashRefund Estimate PaycheckJournal WorkOrder
CashSale ExpenseReport PurchaseOrder WorkOrderClose
Check InventoryAdjustment Requisition WorkOrderCompletion
CreditMemo InventoryCostRevaluation ReturnAuthorization WorkOrderIssue
Custom InventoryTransfer SalesOrder  
CustomerDeposit Invoice TransferOrder  

Non-Abstract Tables

The Primary Key for non-abstract tables is the internalid column.

NetSuite Tables in Your Data Warehouse

Below is a list of the NetSuite tables that will be available for syncing after an initial structure sync completes. Note that you have to select a table for syncing to begin replicating the table’s data to your data warehouse.

Accounting for Deleted Records
Record deletion info is stored in a table called netsuite_deleted, not in the native table. For more info on how to use the deletion log to account for deleted records, refer to this article.

Click the table names to view a list of attributes for that table in NetSuite's API documentation.

Table Name Abstract Table? Replication Method
netsuite_account No Full Table
netsuite_accounting_period No Full Table
netsuite_app_definition No Full Table
netsuite_app_package No Full Table
netsuite_billing_schedule No Full Table
netsuite_bin No Full Table
netsuite_budget No Full Table
netsuite_calendar_event No Incremental
netsuite_campaign No Incremental
netsuite_charge No Full Table
netsuite_classification No Full Table
netsuite_contact No Incremental
netsuite_contact_category No Full Table
netsuite_contact_role No Full Table
netsuite_coupon_code No Full Table
netsuite_currency_rate No Full Table
netsuite_custom_list No Full Table
netsuite_customer No Incremental
netsuite_customer_category No Full Table
netsuite_customer_message No Full Table
netsuite_customer_status No Full Table
netsuite_custom records No Full Table
netsuite_deleted Yes Incremental
netsuite_department No Full Table
netsuite_employee No Incremental
netsuite_entity_group No Incremental
netsuite_expense_category No Full Table
netsuite_file No Full Table
netsuite_folder No Incremental
netsuite_gift_certificate No Full Table
netsuite_global_account_mapping No Full Table
netsuite_inventory_number No Full Table
netsuite_issue No Full Table
netsuite_item No Incremental
netsuite_item_account_mapping No Full Table
netsuite_item_demand_plan No Incremental
netsuite_item_revision Yes Full Table
netsuite_item_supply_plan No Incremental
netsuite_job No Incremental
netsuite_job_status No Full Table
netsuite_job_type No Full Table
netsuite_location No Full Table
netsuite_manufacturing_cost_template No Full Table
netsuite_manufacturing_operation_task No Full Table
netsuite_manufacturing_routing No Full Table
netsuite_message No Full Table
netsuite_nexus No Full Table
netsuite_note No Full Table
netsuite_note_type No Full Table
netsuite_opportunity No Incremental
netsuite_orginating_lead Yes Incremental
netsuite_other_name_category No Full Table
netsuite_partner No Incremental
netsuite_partner_category No Full Table
netsuite_payment_method No Full Table
netsuite_payroll_item No Full Table
netsuite_phone_call No Incremental
netsuite_price_level No Full Table
netsuite_pricing_group No Full Table
netsuite_project_task No Incremental
netsuite_promotion_code No Full Table
netsuite_resource_allocation No Full Table
netsuite_rev_rec_schedule No Full Table
netsuite_rev_rec_template No Full Table
netsuite_sales_role No Full Table
netsuite_site_category No Full Table
netsuite_solution No Incremental
netsuite_subsidiary No Full Table
netsuite_support_case No Incremental
netsuite_task No Incremental
netsuite_term No Full Table
netsuite_time_bill No Incremental
netsuite_time_entry No Incremental
netsuite_time_sheet No Full Table
netsuite_topic No Full Table
netsuite_transaction Yes Incremental
netsuite_units_type No Full Table
netsuite_vendor No Incremental
netsuite_vendor_category No Full Table
netsuite_win_loss_reason No Full Table


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