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Expected Google ECommerce Data

Now that Google ECommerce is successfully connected to your Stitch account, what comes next? In this article, we'll cover:

Replicating ECommerce Data

By default the replication frequency is set to 30 minutes, but you can change the interval to better suit your needs. During each sync of your ECommerce data, the last 15 days' worth of data will be replicated to your data warehouse.

ECommerce Data in Your Data Warehouse

A single table housing your ECommerce data will be created in your data warehouse. This table follows this naming convention:

ecommerce[GA profile id]_integration version

Here's an example: ecommerce123456789_v2. In this case, the profile ID is 123456789 and we can see the version of the ECommerce integration is 2.

In this table, you'll find the columns listed below. Click the links in the Column Name column to check out Google's documentation about these attributes.

Column Name Description
_id The _id column is a unique identifier generated during replication.
accountId This column contains the account ID associated with your Google Analytics ECommerce account.
campaign This column contains the campaign name (i.e. utm_campaign)
keyword This column contains the keyword description (i.e. utm_term)
medium This column contains the medium name (i.e. utm_medium)
profileId This column contains your Google Analytics profile ID.
profileName This column contains your Google Analytics profile name.
socialNetwork This column contains the name of the social network (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
source This column contains the name of the order source. (i.e. utm_source)
transactionId This column contains the order ID, which will be used to join the referral data back to your orders data. You can refer to Google’s documentation if you need some background on tracking setup and management.
transactions This column contains the total number of transactions.
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