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Step 4: Configuring Redshift Firewall Settings


In this section of the walkthrough, we’ll edit the access rules for the security group associated with the cluster we created. To do this, we’ll whitelist the Stitch IP addresses, along with any other appropriate IPs from your company.

  1. From the Redshift Dashboard, click the Clusters option on the left side of the page.
  2. In the list of clusters, click the name of the cluster you created.
  3. The Cluster Details page will display - ensure you’re in the Configuration tab before proceeding.
  4. In the VPC Security Groups section, click the name of the security group. In our case, it's default.

  5. After the security group opens, click the Inbound tab located towards the bottom of the page, then the Edit button:

    The VPC Security Groups management page.
    Click for a closer look!
  6. The Inbound Rules tab is where we’ll add the IP addresses that can access the cluster:
    • Type - Set this to Redshift.
    • Protocol - This will default to TCP - leave it as-is.
    • Port Range - Enter the number of port associated with the cluster - this is the same port you used to create the cluster. The default for Redshift is 5439.
    • Source - Paste the IP address that requires access to the cluster in this field. Below are Stitch IP addresses that must be added to the security group:
    • Here's what the rule should look like:

      Whitelisting the Stitch IP address in a Redshift VPC security group.
      Click for a closer look.
  7. Click the Add Rule button to add another security rule.
  8. Repeat this process until all the Stitch IP addresses (along with any others) are added to the security group.
  9. When finished adding IP addresses, click Save.

In addition, if you want to name the group something more specific, click in the Name tag column in the VPC Security Groups table. A window will display where you can rename the group:

What Do I Do Now?

Great! Now that you're done configuring the authorization settings, the next step is to test the connection.

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