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Expected Google AdWords Data

Now that Google AdWords is successfully connected to your Stitch account, what comes next? In this article, we'll cover:

Replicating AdWords Data


Stitch will replicate AdWords data based on the frequency you define. The default replication frequency is 30 minutes, but you can change the interval to better suit your needs.

Replication method

Google AdWords data is replicated using incremental replication. During each sync of your AdWords data, the last 15 days' worth of data will be replicated to your data warehouse.

AdWords tables in Your Data Warehouse

Two AdWords tables will be created in your data warehouse after a successful connection: - adwords and campaigns. The tables follow this naming convention:

[table name][GA profile id]_integration version

Here's an example: adwords123456789_v2. In this case, we're looking at the adwords table, the profile ID is 123456789, and we can see the version of the AdWords integration is 2.

adwords table

This table will record a data row daily for each of your active campaigns. This includes the following columns:

Column Name Description
accountid This column contains your Google Analytics account number. Ex: 6044853
adclicks This column contains the number of clicks for the day.
adcontent This column contains the content description (i.e. utm_content)
adcost This column contains the total cost for the campaign for the day.
addestinationurl This column contains the URL to which AdWords referred traffic.
adgroup This column contains the campaign's ad group name.
adwordscampaignid This column contains the corresponding ID for the campaign in the campaign column.
campaign This column contains the campaign name. (i.e. utm_campaign)
date This column contains the timestamp for the date the campaign ran.
impressions This column contains the number of impressions for the day.
keyword This column contains the keyword description (i.e. utm_term)
profileid This column contains the profile ID.
profilename This column contains the profile name.

campaigns table

The campaigns table contains the same data as the adwords table, but isn't broken down by the same dimensions as adwords.

This table includes metrics for impressions, adClicks, and adCost.

In addition, this table includes dimensions for date, campaign, and adwordsCampaignID.

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