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Analysis Integrations


Stitch gives you the ability to consolidate and optimize your data, but if you want to do some exploring, you'll need an additional visualization or middleware tool. Whether you want to create visual analyses or run SQL queries, the list of the best-in-class tools we've put together has you covered.


Client Classification Proprietary
Looker Proprietary; Free trial available
Mode Proprietary
Tableau Proprietary

SQL Clients

Amazon recommends using SQL Workbench/J to connect to and query Redshift, but you can also use the 8.x version of the PostgreSQL query tool psql or any SQL client that supports PostgreSQL JDBC or ODBC drivers. We’ve listed a handful of compatible clients below.

Note that Amazon Redshift is based on PostgreSQL 8.0.2.

Client Operating System Classification
Postico Mac OS X Proprietary
SQuirreL Windows/Linux/Mac OS X Open Source
DBeaver Windows/Linux/Mac OS X Open Source
PG Commander Mac OS X Proprietary
Aginity Workbench for Redshift Windows Proprietary, Free
Navicat Windows/Linux/Mac OS X Proprietary
RazorSQL Windows/Linux/Mac OS X Proprietary
JackDB Windows/Linux/Mac OS X Proprietary
0xDBE (in preview) Windows/Linux/Mac OS X Proprietary
Aqua Data Studio Windows/Linux/Mac OS X Proprietary

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Data Science

Client Client Type / OS Classification
Amazon Machine Learning Web app; install uses Windows/Linux/Mac OS X Proprietary
Dato Windows/Linux/Mac OS X Proprietary, Free
Julia Windows/Linux/Mac OS X Open Source
Jupyter Web app; install uses Windows/Linux/Mac OS X Open Source
MATLAB Windows/Linux/Mac OS X Proprietary
R Windows/Linux/Mac OS X/Unix Open Source
Scala All platforms with Java runtime v1.6 and higher Open Source

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