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Analysis Integrations


You've set up your account, connected your destination and data sources, and populated your data warehouse. What's next?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, preparing data for usage and analysis can be difficult, time-consuming work. The good news is that after all the above is completed, the hard part is over. Stitch consolidates and tracks your data for you so you can get to what you really want to do: checking out the data.


If you're the chart-building, eye-candy analysis kind of person, you can layer a visualization tool on top of Redshift instance to create charts, graphs, and more. Check out our partners if you're interested in learning more about visualizing your data.

SQL Clients

To connect to and query your data, you'll need a compatible SQL client.

While Amazon recommends SQL Workbench/J to connect to and query Redshift, you can use any SQL client that supports PostgreSQL JDBC or ODBC drivers. Click here to check out some of our recommendations.

Data Science

Want to use your data for something other than creating charts or queries? From machine learning to statistical modeling, we've put together a list of data science clients you can utilize to get started.

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