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Expected Braintree Data

Braintree Info
This integration was created by Stitch for Singer, an open-source, composable ETL platform. Check out & contribute to the repo on GitHub.

Braintree is currently in Open Beta. The info in this article is subject to change.

Now that Braintree is successfully connected to your Stitch account, what comes next? In this article, we'll cover:

  1. How Stitch replicates Braintree data
  2. The table that will be created in your data warehouse

Replicating Braintree data

Historical Sync

By default, a historical sync of Braintree data goes back one year from the Stitch connection date.


Stitch will replicate Braintree data based on the frequency you define. The default setting is every 30 minutes, but you can change it better suit your needs.

Replication Method

When Stitch replicates Braintree data, it does so using Incremental Replication. This means that every time Braintree data is queued for replication, only new and updated data will be replicated.

Braintree Data in Your Data Warehouse

A single table called transactions will be created in your data warehouse after data is successfully replicated from Braintree. Below you'll find detailed info about this table, including its Replication Method, Primary Key, and the attributes you can expect to see.

Click the table name to check out Braintree's API docs.

Replication Method:
Primary Key:

The transactions table contains info about the transactions in your Braintree account, including the transaction's status.

Our Braintree integration will only replicate transactions for the default merchant account in your Braintree instance. You can verify the merchant account set as the default by going to Settings > Processing > Merchant Accounts when signed into Braintree.

Attributes include:

  • Transaction ID (id)
  • created_at
  • updated_at
  • status
  • type
  • amount
  • service_fee_amount
  • order_id
  • plan_id
  • gateway_rejection_reason
  • processor_authorization_code
  • processor_response_code
  • processor_response_text
  • recurring
  • currency_iso_code
  • customer_details__id
  • customer_details__email
  • credit_card_details__customer_location
  • subscription_details__billing_period_start_date
  • subscription_details__billing_period_end_date


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