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What's New? // December 2016


December 14, 2016

Stitch Incoming Webhooks is in closed beta!

We're excited to announce our newest integration: Stitch Incoming Webhooks.

Stitch’s Incoming Webhooks integration provides a simple and flexible method to integrate dozens of webhook APIs with Stitch. If Stitch doesn’t have a native integration for the webhook you want to integrate, then Stitch webhooks is your best bet.

Our webhook integration gives you the ability to connect Stitch to sources like Contentful, Mandrill, and Zapier.

To learn more about Incoming Webhooks, check out the Getting Started Guide, Setup Guide, or FAQ.

Want to help us test this new integration? Get in touch with us.

December 8, 2016

Compliance with EU Privacy Laws

We're asked fairly frequently how we handle data from the EU. This article contains the specifics of our compliance with international privacy laws.

December 1, 2016

Identifying & Resolving Record Rejections

From time to time, Stitch may run into problems when attempting to load data into your data warehouse. When data is deemed incompatible by the data warehouse, the record will be "rejected" and Stitch will log it in a rejected records log. This log can help you troubleshoot data discrepancies and provide insight into data incompatibility issues.

Adding Team Members to Multiple Accounts

Not sure how to add a team member to more than one Stitch account? This doc will walk you through it.

Expected Shopify Data

If you've noticed a large amount of rows being replicated from Shopify, it may be due to a high Replication Frequency and how Shopify data can be queried. This article has been updated to include an explanation of how Shopify allows Stitch to query its API.

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